Bereavement is a time of immense grief and mourning. It seems almost impossible to prepare ourselves adequately for the death of a loved one.

The process of grieving is a very individual process that we need to go through, we will work to understand and feel its unique intensity.

The pain accompanying a sense of loss is a common phenomenon in the course of mourning naturally. Often chronic despair has a direct impact on our ability to cope with the seemingly simple life situations. Also, we may notice that our grieving influences the quality of our relationships with others, especially with people close to us who are still alive. Anger, depression – these are just some of the stages accompanying the process of mourning, but very significantly affecting the quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones.

The counsellor can help identify the phases of the bereavement, provide support and reassurance that it is a unique process that must be experienced. Through respectful and delicate interventions, the therapist helps us go through the grieving process and adapt to life – without our loved one.

The therapy dynamic ensures the individual needs and abilities are acknowledged and help is provided to manage our emotional wellbeing and building our self-awareness.

Also to note, that the pain of mourning is not only associated with the death of a loved one. We experience grief also because of relationship breakdown, long-term separation, loss of health, loss of jobs, loss of opportunities, business failures, or even a change of our living address. We cannot underestimate the pain of those who have lost a loved pet such as dog, cat or another animal.

We explore, discover and connect to our feelings. We go through our pain with self-compassion trying to allow and accept what has happened, to give us a chance to start a new chapter in life, at our own pace.

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